Little Hands in Concrete

When my children get older, I want them to remember their lives on the farm. I want them to see what their hands are capable of and know life’s worth. Just like a small hand print in concrete, their mark will be meaningful. They will know the value and blessings of being a producer, rather than a consumer. They will experience joyful moments as well as sorrows, but with ever sorrow there comes a stronger appreciation for the treasurable moments. They will be fearless and jump into life as they did the creek without a visible bottom. They will be elegant and remember the time they peered into our honeybee hives; this has taught them to deal with any stressful situation with grace and finesse. They will care for their loved ones and know to nurture the ones who need it most! They will learn that objects in life have the potential to be fixed and relationships must be valued. They will remember that family is the most important thing in this life and no matter what, love is the only thing that is priceless. These tiny farm hands will become our next generation of farmers and I hope they remember their lives on this farm. Their memories of their childhood will be told and knowledge shared among next generations. They will know for every story they tell only plants future seeds for this way of life. #farmhands #farmlife #raisingfarmkids #farmkids #fromamother #tomychildren #love #gratitude #gracefulness #family #bekind #raiseyourown #growyourown #bebrave #keepitalive #futurefarmers #furturefarmers #homesteadersofamerica

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