Making Chive Chèvre

Tonight’s Farmhouse Kitchen adventures involved making yummy cheese from my lovey goat! I’ve been very excited to try my hand at it and honestly, it was pretty simple! I of course started by milking my Nubian cross goat and chilled her milk for a day. Tonight was the night! I broke out my stainless steel pot and slow cooked a quart of my raw goats milk until it reached 180 degrees (stirring the entire time). As soon as I hit the prime temperature, I took it off of the stovetop and added 1/3 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice. I stirred it in then let it sit for 30 mins. Once the time was up, I strained it through 100% cotton cheesecloth. After that I added a little Himalayan salt and then hung it over my sink for an hour. Once drained, I added fresh cut chives and molded it into the shape that I wanted! This entire process was so rewarding and I’m so happy that I mustered up the courage to try something old! Thank you for reading,

The Fancy Pig Farmer,

Kaylee Richardson

2 thoughts on “Making Chive Chèvre

  1. how do let it age before eating ???


    1. This recipe is right for eating after it’s chilled, some require a press and time 🙂


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