Raising Farm Strong Kids: Part One!

I posted a couple months ago about raising kids on the farm and it being an “ultimate experiment!” I still believe that raising kids is an experiment and you won’t know exactly what type of individual you gift our world with until they are able to make decisions on their own.

Our oldest is creeping into his teenage years and my husband and I are allowing him to make appropriate decisions for himself. He recognizes his new sense of freedom, but understands that with every decision, comes consequences of his actions. A perfect example of this is his responsibilities on the farm. He sees that his animals need to be fed and given fresh water, so after school he makes sure he is right there with us when we are tending to the livestock! He uses him time wisely and completes his school work before he comes home. He is aware of time and tries to focus on his animals and family time in the evening. My husband and I make sure to not overwhelm him, but he understands his role on the farm and what the overall outcome for proper animal husbandry requires. It’s a lifestyle change not a hobby. I recently took a brief video of his everyday chores on the farm. It doesn’t show every single animal, but it shows what it takes to be a “Farm Strong Kid.” It is not all about physical strength, it is dedication to responsibilities. Here is a short vblog of Carson’s life on the farm! Thank you for reading!


Proud Farm Mom,

Kaylee Richardson

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