”Tis the season to work your butt off!”

I have many MANY (practically everyone) people ask me how I have the energy to do everything that I do… between my family, the farm, my career and so on… how do I find the time to do it all?!? I typically chuckle and answer with “A lot of coffee!” Deep breath in-(but in reality) I just do it. I don’t watch tv that often and I don’t come home and sit. There are many days where I’d love to, but I have over a hundred animals plus two children that require my care and attention… but mostly it’s really just feeding! My husband steps up and does a good amount of our daily chores and without him I couldn’t do it all!!!!

On top of our normal farm adventures, my daughter and I decided to sell our first products at an open house for local businesses. We made lip balms, lavender bath bombs, chicken treats, Christmas ornaments, dream catchers, goats milk and honey soap, honey and MORE honey! We had a blast and met some wonderful people who really support our “Learning Something Old” movement! We were even asked to set up shop in two well known stores! Ummmm YAY!!!

This was our first time really sharing with people what we do and why! I also sat back and watched my child tell people about their farm experience and how excited they were to see their hard work pay off! Deep down, I just know I’m raising them right! I had fellow vendors look at me and tell me that I was brave for bringing my children to that event. I was a little worried that the other vendors may be annoyed, but they are the face behind the Farm as well. This opportunity helps drive their excitement and helps the hard work not seem as hard! They told shoppers about how the products were made and helped with the mathematic calculations behind the transactions! My son is very quick to solving most math questions and I didn’t need to use my calculator…he even shocked some people! I was very impressed with both of them and couldn’t have done the show without them! All of our proceeds will go into our next year farming adventures and their projects!!

Lesson of the day:

Push yourself to be greater and never be afraid to bring your children!!!

Kaylee Richardson

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