Mangalitsa Monday: Mangalitsa Smiles

Today’s Mangalitsa Monday is about pure happiness! What makes you genuinely happy? For me, my happiness is here on the farm. Some people may see hard work and dirt, but I see patience. To me “patience” is another forgotten virtue. It is like slowing your breathing down when everything around you is moving fast forward. Why do I want to rush life? I only have one and I want to take everyday in, whether it is good, bad, or ugly. The desire for many people to mask their feelings is an epidemic. In life you need to feel and experience everything, because if you don’t…. then you will never learn to cope. I have experienced heartbreak on the farm, but I am strong enough to say that it hasn’t broken me. Farming doesn’t happen overnight and everyday that goes by, we grow! We may grow forward or backwards, but we are still growing. I’m sure that I will face heartbreak again, but if anything it has taught me to appreciate the “good” a little bit more. So, today as I walked around the pastures, I sat a watched as one of our Mangalitsas Smile! She is a vibrant spirit who demands my attention. I knew that my list of chores was greater than my completed one, but I had to stop and sit… and I am thankful for that. Why rush through my chores and not appreciate what is happening at that very moment? There are many moments in life that you may not get another chance to experience and I don’t want to regret not taking that in. So a lesson from a FarmHer….Slow down and breathe… life is too fast and you may just miss the “real” beauty around you!

Always Learning,

Kaylee Richardson

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