Mangalitsa Monday: Road Trip!

Over the weekend my husband and I took our annual “let’s get more farm babies” road trip/date! I really look forward for these trips, because it allows us to sit back and “treasure map” about our future! We talk about what we want to do to our farm and how excited we are to see it grow. We collaborate on different ideas that may have not worked and try to figure out a new solution. Farming isn’t easy, but I’m not alone in this adventure. Yes, I am the one that is sharing our experiences through my writing… but my husband is truly the Man behind the farm. I couldn’t do any of this without him. He has a drive in him that encourages the entire family to keep moving and to stay strong. At the end of the day he is beat, but he also has a sense of humbled appreciation for the hard work. I cannot express enough how much he means to our family and we truly love him for his dedication.

As “Farmer Parents” alone time is cherished, no matter what activity we may be doing. Whether it’s feeding the animals or walking the fence line, we try to maintain our relationship and connect with each other on a more spiritual level. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our disagreements and have learned what may upset each other and to try not do it intentionally. My parents always told me that marriage was 100/100 not 50/50. Who would only want 50% of someone? We both try to do something that will make each other happy everyday. Isn’t that what’s life all about? Finding someone who you could tolerate and do “life” with… Then add around 100 animals (still growing), 2 children, and a farm! That’s REALLY doing “life” together! The good, bad, the in between… the raw, the joy… the tears and the laughter… this is our life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

So… now that I’ve gotten a little off topic, I’ll go back to the annual “let’s get more farm babies” road trip/date! This weekend we drove to the eastern shore and picked up four beautiful Blonde Mangalitsa Gilts! I have fallen in love with their temperament and sheep like appearance. Their blonde locks cause quite a scene on our farm and will make you take a double look at what you are actually seeing. Yes, these beautiful blonde girls are our sheep that oink and we are very blessed to have them! As of now, I don’t forsee any road trip/dates in our future… but who knows there is a Red Mangalitsa that would look quite stunning out in our pastures!

Kaylee Richardson 

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