Short Story Sunday: Pumpkin Picking 

I’ll start my Short Story Sunday post with a calming sense of thankfulness! This time of year, where Thankfulness is celebrated and the act of giving is its own treasure, I feel greatful to know a pumpkin farmer. As a Farmer of my own trade, I relay on another special Farmer this time of year and am honored that he allows my family to pick pumpkins that are leftover from the season. 

Our family was given a “Gratitude Jar” where we write down what we are thankful for and at the end of the year, we read our sloppily jotted down notes of torn up paper. Those small pieces of paper bring back the memories we treasured at that time! So… today I place in my “Gratitude Jar” how thankful I am for a pumpkin Farmer and the joy that our family gains from picking a truck load of pumpkins. The hunt for the largest pumpkin is always something to smile about and can get pretty competitive! 

Why a pumpkin Farmer…. you may ask? Well, that Farmer takes the time and plants every seed; one by one! Each seed eventually turns into a giant pumpkin that is loved by so many! Here on our farm we wait until the weekend after Halloween to pick our pumpkins, but we don’t pick them for ourselves. We pick them for our farm animals. Every animal on our farm will enjoy them and the pumpkin Farmer is just pleased to be able to recycle and eliminate waste. 

Pumpkins are not only a staple for the “image of fall” but, are a wonderful treat for our farm babies. Pumpkins actually provide huge health benefits for our animals, not only is it a good source of Vitamin C to boost immune systems, it’s also extremely rich in fiber! Among the many other nutritional factors of a pumpkin, they also aid in digestion and will help calm an upset stomachs. Another fun fact— What goes in must come out… and with that being said I’ll more than likely find pumpkins vines growing in our pastures next year from their waste! 

If you happen to have any farm babies, it’s a great idea to reach out to your local pumpkin Farmers… but don’t forget to thank them for all their hard work! 

Kaylee Richardson

2 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: Pumpkin Picking 

  1. I love this, darlin!


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