Future Farmer Friday: Farm Driving Lessons 101! 

 I allowed my son to drive me around the farm to do our daily chores! As a farm kid, I see his understanding for responsibility and allow him to have some independence as a reward. The reason why is because, I know that many of our “family responsibilities” will be his one day. Our animals depend on us and we don’t shy away from teaching our children what could go wrong if we “didn’t feel like it!” We are raising children to be independent human beings that will contribute and not take! They are not selfish and will still give even if they have nothing.

I have watched him learn how to feed a small baby chick to full grown heifer throughout his journey as a farm (soon to be young man) kid. He is no longer that small boy who sat on our laps to help us steer our farm equipment. We are slowly creeping into his teenage years and I want him to be prepared. So… as a reward or right of passage… I give him some independence. This is not to be mistaken for allowing him to do whatever he wants. This is me seeing how much of a hard worker he is and teaching him how to use one more tool on the farm. 

His journey will continue and I’m sure he will learn more as time goes on. There have been many times that he slowly places his hand inside my palm and with a squeeze, he says that “One day he will share this with his children.” That is what this is all about! It is learning something old and sharing it with the new! He gets it! I’m doing something right and I’m going to give him everything that he needs to strengthen his foundation in life. 

For the Love my Son,

Kaylee Richardson ​

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