Home Pregnancy Testing for goats!?!? Well… this could be interesting!!! 

I came across an “at home pregnancy test” for goats using urine and shared the results within 10 mins… sooo…  I through I’d give it a shot. The P-test comes from Emlab Genetics and they were pretty reasonably priced at $2.50 a test for a pack of ten. How does it work? The P-TEST measures the pregnancy hormone, estrone sulfate, using a simple and rapid colorimetric reaction. I waited until 60 days after my goat was bred to perform the test. It wasn’t too difficult, I just had to wait until she was ready to urinate and do my best at catching it! It was however, a little comical and not something I’d ever imagine I’d be doing in my lifetime. I decided that I would do the Urine test, because it’s less invasive and stressful on my goats… plus I got my results today! I also found that this test could be used on multiple species, which I found is beneficial when you raise a variety of farm animals. The P-TEST can easily detect pregnancy in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, deer, elk, bison, llamas, alpaca, camels, and horses. Below is a detailed form that helps you understand how to perform the test! To purchase the P-Test and or get more information on the product visit…. http://www.emlabgenetics.com/Pages/PTEST.aspxAnd to watch my video visit… https://youtu.be/v1fdw_34kfo

Happy Pee Catching,

Kaylee Richardson 

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