6 Chicks and 2 Baby Ducks!

Three years ago, my husband walked through the door with a tiny box full of little chirps! He gently placed the box on the floor and crouched down to allow our children to see what treasures daddy had brought them. These little treasures turned into something huge and we fell in love with those messy/stinky little souls.

They lived inside for a couple weeks and the ducks enjoyed our bathtub pretty regularly! My husband and I made them an awesome coop/run and they were eventually moved outside.

Here’s where the fun part begins…. we started getting eggs and we thought how cool would it be to raise meat as well. So then we got a couple of pigs and meat rabbits that we kept at a friends house and we all pitched in to care for them. Unfortunately, they got out and we “technically” weren’t allowed to have them so they went to camp freezer pretty early! Our mountain house and acre lot didn’t even allow for chickens!

I felt like I was doing something illegal! We fell in love with the idea of raising our own, but knew it was going to be impossible to do it where we lived. I was nervous that those little birds of mine would one day have to go to a new home and I would end up being devastated.

Our kids are pretty outdoorsy and can hunt a morel mushroom like no tomorrow, so any more encouragement to being outside is welcomed. We had noticed how much our children enjoyed being with those birds, between digging in the mud and climbing trees, their little flock was always near them! I just didn’t want to seem them glued to the t.v and video games….

Then one day my husband sent me a link to a farm with 32 acres… he then proceeded to tell me that we were already approved! So that was that and we fell in love with this land and the house on it! It didn’t have any fencing or shelters so we (he) got to work. We now have a decent amount fenced in (not done yet), water and electric to every pasture, barn structures, fruit trees, large garden, multiple beehives and I won’t even begin to tell you how many animals we have… the number sounds like over 100 and ends in ish…. we have done all of this in under 2 years (while both of us work full time, myself in school (which I finished- YAY), and raising two children…. here’s the kicker we never had any previous knowledge of farming whatsoever, and the majority of this was self taught!!!


Kaylee Richardson

(I promise we aren’t crazy)

5 thoughts on “6 Chicks and 2 Baby Ducks!

  1. What a great story! Love learning more about you and your family. I am so glad too that your children love the outdoors and would choose that over tv and video games. I wish I had found the farm life before my son was born. It would have been so different for him and us. Look forward to your new blogging.❤️


    1. Thank you!!! My intentions are to be as raw as possible! I plan on sharing the good, the bad, and the real… with every bad thing, there is a good thing that keeps us pushing forward!


  2. Awesome read!!! If I remember correctly you were pretty outdoorsy yourself. Its nice to see parents taking a strong interest in their children while teaching them skills that will last a lifetime. You’re doing a great job!!


    1. I was!!! That mountain taught me so much! We are all “learning something old” and I hope that it continues to bring us closer! Carson will be in middle school next year and I do think that this way of life will help him stay on the correct path! 😘 more to come in our adventure!!!


  3. Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog.
    I have 9 years (search) over 1,300 post there. Many are DIY on the cheap, recycling what you have projects or useful hints. I have posted a few ideas about poultry and raising rabbit as well.
    I hope you can find something useful.

    Happy Gardening


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