To learn something old….

cropped-img_4988.jpgWhat does it mean to “learn something OLD?” I say that, but in all honesty…it should really make you sit back and think about what that truly means. To think about the days where it was necessary to grow your own… I couldn’t imagine what generations before us would think about todays way of living. So “learning something old” is about the knowledge from generations that have been passed down to family members in hopes that they may live on and thrive! I didn’t have that… I never had that grandmother who snapped green beans on the front porch in the middle of summer! What I do have is a mom who is the ultimate Girl Scout that can make delicious meals out of nothing, an 85 year old Grandmother (Spitfire) that taught me how to survive by being a hard worker, and a father who is truly an artist that taught me grace! All that mixed with a husband that wants to give me the world has encouraged me to “learn something old!” Luckily, with the technology today… I can learn and master anything that I can research, but I am never going to be too proud to ask for help when I need it!
~Kaylee Richardson

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